Second Day of Blogging

This is my second day of Blogging and I do hope to continue this on a daily basis, but I am not guaranteeing anything.

Had an AWESOME networking meeting this morning with My Success Group in the Grapevine/Colleyville area. If you want to grow your business and meet some outstanding people to do business with, I HIGHLY recommend this group! If you want information on it, please e-mail me or call me. WONDERFUL group, I promise!

Had two head shot sessions this afternoon with two individuals in the real estate industry. They were so nice to work with.

If you need a head shot or know someone that does, whether for a business card, a Linked In or Facebook page; here is a great deal. On Friday,
August 19, 2011, from 9a – 4p, I have a head shot special for only $75. This will be at the Comerica Bank @ Central Ave. just north of Highway 183 in Bedford. No appointment necessary.

Getting ready to take off for a few vacation days in the much cooler mountains of New Mexico. Looking forward to some rest & relaxation, but I will be taking scenic photos while I am up there. I’ll try & post a few while I am up there, if possible.

Only 198 more blogs till I become relevant in the blog world.


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