Third Day of Blogging

I am extremely tired tonight but still wanted to post a small blog.

My wife and I are on our way to New Mexico to stay at our friends cabin located in Eagle Nest.

Today we drove from the Dallas/Fort Worth area to Lubbock where we stopped for about an hour to visit with my Mom. She is 84 years young and it was good to see her. Mom fell in early February of this year and broke her hip and fractured her pelvis. She said that the pain she experienced from this accident was far worse than any pain she had while giving birth to me and my sister. I’ll take her word on that. Through many hours of therapy and many people praying for her, she is now able to walk again. We all thank God for answered prayer.

After visiting my mom, Dana, my wife & I drove over to her home in Muleshoe, TX to spend the night with her folks. We went to eat at Leal’s which has excellent Mexican food.

We have driven about 420 miles today and heading to New Mexico and much cooler temperatures tomorrow. Really looking forward to spending four nights at our friend’s cabin.

I hope to take LOTS of beautiful photos while I am there.

Good night.

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