Five days of blogging

Had a good day today, even though we had to run over to Taos, buy some brake pads, then drive to Questa for a mechanic to repair my wife’s rear brakes. What a miracle that this nice man would work on her car on Sunday. Really enjoyed visiting with him while he worked on her car. We talked about professional football and he said he is different than most people in New Mexico. He said most people in the state cheer for either the Dallas Cowboys or the Denver Broncos. He also said there are some crazy people in the state who root for the Oakland Raiders. This nice man was a Colts fan, he said he was a huge Johnny Unitas fan and Earl Morral fan while growing up. Of course many people don’t even remember that before the NFL & AFL merged, the Colts and the Steelers were in the NFL before changing over to the AFC.

After we got our car fixed, we drove back into Taos and ate at Graham’s Gourmet Restaurant. I ate my first Elk burger but don’t really know if it was worth $13.50!!

From there, we drove out to the Royal Gorge Rio Grande River bridge and the view was awesome. Along the parking area was a wildly painted old school bus serving ice cream and smothies, yes, they misspelled the word smoothies on the top of the bus. I didn’t have the heart to tell the guy of his spelling error.

After Taos we drove back to Eagle Nest with the windows down and the sun roof open, it was so nice to enjoy the fresh air.

Later this evening the full moon came out and I took photos of it with my big camera, big lens and tripod. I will see how good they turned out tomorrow morning.

Off to Red River for a day excursion tomorrow.

Good night.

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