Day Six of my blog

Today is Wednesday and yesterday, my wife and I drove 612 miles from Eagle Nest, NM to our home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  I have posted a few of my photographs on my blog, and I will try to add some more later today or tomorrow.

I can tell you one thing I already miss about being in New Mexico, and that is the MUCH cooler temperatures there.  I think it is going to be 104 degrees today.  I just don’t know how much longer this intense heat is going to last.  One of the most depressing parts about our trip was seeing all the dead vegetation in all of the fields along our drive, as well as all the dead grass along the highways.  Unfortunately, the only thing still green were, you guessed it, weeds !!

As we were driving back yesterday, in between Bowie and Decatur, TX; a number of volunteer firefighters were battling a grass fire along the side of the highway.  I can’t begin to imagine how hot and tired they all were from fighting a fire, especially in this extreme heat.

My hat goes off to every firefighter and their families for the great job they do in keeping us safe.


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