Day Eight of the blog

I didn’t really have any idea how much time and effort so many people put into their blogs, until I started working on this one, about two weeks ago.

I do know that one person is at least reading my blog, as he posted a comment on one of my recent photos that I took, while my wife and I were in New Mexico on vacation.  Thanks to “you know who you are” !!

I went to church and Sunday School this morning, and it was good to see my friends who attend the church we attend.  Our regular Pastor wasn’t there, he was moving his youngest daughter into her dorm room at college.  We had a guest speaker, one of our members, and I thought he did an excellent job.  He seemed so at ease with giving the message today, it almost seemed like he had been doing it for a very long time.  I kept thinking to myself, how in the world would I be able to get up there on the stage/pulpit area, and speak on a subject for about 30 minutes or so.  Now don’t get me wrong, I AM a talker.  I get that from my mom, but I cannot begin to imagine having to speak for 30 minutes without someone else chiming in.  The guest speaker did a GREAT job.  He is a great witness for Jesus Christ and he has led many non-believers to become Christians.  I know when he gets to Heaven, God will say to him, “Well done, my faithful servant”.

We then went to our Sunday School class and I got razzed on for my postings on Facebook about how bad the state of New Mexico is.  I didn’t mean that the entire state was bad, as we had a very nice time there; I was just commenting on how bad the roads are there, compared to Texas.  I have a feeling that overall, New Mexico probably is a pretty poor state, financially, compared to Texas.  But it is a beautiful state, don’t get me wrong.  We enjoyed our time there and there was a lot of excellent scenery that we saw.  I will try and post some more photos later today or first thing tomorrow on the blog, from our trip; I’ve just been rather busy getting back into the swing of things here in the Metromess.

Plus my wife, who is a teacher, is getting ready to gear up for another year of school.  The little monsters, I mean the kids, come back on Wednesday.  I think from what my wife is telling me, this will be her last year.  She will have 40 years under her belt.  Wow!  Don’t know where we will go after she retires.  We’ve talked about moving back to Lubbock, to be closer to our families, yet a part of me would love to move down to the Hill Country around the Austin area.  My only problem with that is that I am a HUGE Texas Tech Red Raider fan, and do not like that school down there who’s colors are burnt orange and white.  LOL !!

Enough chatter about me today.  I will try and post some more photos later on.  I hope you and your’s have had a wonderful weekend.  Can we please start to turn down the oven?  Fall is just around the corner, we need to see some lower temperatures, ASAP !!


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