10th blog

I don’t know if I truthfully have been blogging a full 10 days or just the fact that this is my 10th blog

As I have said earlier when I first started this blog, I was told that it takes 200 of them before your blog becomes relevant. I certainly hope my blog becomes relevant a lot sooner than 200 blogs but I have 190 more to go at this moment.

I will say this, I want to get better at blogging and there are going to be many trials and errors before I get really good at this, but I really enjoy learning new things. I just wish I had started this project about two years earlier as I started my full time pursuit as a photographer for my career.

I do hope I especially become more proficient at uploading and sharing my photography with reading audience as I move further.into blogging.

Just like me, my blog is a work in progress.

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