Lucky 13 with Christine Cashen

I had lunch with a dear friend of mine today, her name is Christine Cashen.  I don’t know how many years I have now known Christine, but I am such a lucky person to know her.

I met her when she spoke to a group I used to belong to when I worked for Korean Air, as an Area Sales Manager.  She has her own website and blog, if you want to find her, google, “A Dynamic Speaker”.  She IS a dynamic speaker and even more than that, she is a dynamic person and wonderful lady.  I know this will probably sound like a commercial for her, and if it does, so be it; but if your group ever needs a motivational and highly entertaining speaker for your yearly convention, a monthly meeting or some other function, Christine will LIGHT up the room with her humor, her outlook on life and just her wonderful charm.

I told her that I had just started blogging and she said she has been doing that for quite some time, so if you want to put a smile on your face, I suggest you start subscribing to her blog, she is incredibly funny and witty.

She just charges up my batteries when I am down in the dumps or feeling blue, I swear, I don’t think she has a negative bone or any negative energy in her body, whatsoever!  I’m working to become that type of person.  I really admire her.

Last year, she wrote a book and she hired me to photograph her “coming out party” for the book and it was a wonderful event and it was extremely nice to see her, along with her husband, and her parents flew in along with her brother, and that was a total surprise for her.  So I’ve met her whole family and they are all just absolutely wonderful people.

I have photographed Christine a few years ago with some family portraits when she had a young son, and now we need to do some new family portraits as she now has a young daughter and son; so I told her when it finally (HOPEFULLY SOON !!!!) cools down here in the Metromess, I would be more than happy to take some new family portraits for her and her family.

In closing this post for my blog, I wish I could see Christine once a week, just to re-charge my batteries and fill myself full of positive energy and positive thoughts, she is so wonderful and I am blessed to know her.  Go google her and get to know her, as well.  She is a wonderful individual and she will have you in stitches with some of the stories she writes and blogs about.



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