17th blog

Well it seems I was off, very off, on my counting on how many blogs I have posted already.  I can’t believe I’ve already posted 16  blogs and am slowly but surely getting some actual comments on my blog, as well as many kind people offering their help to me, in order to make my blog look better.

Today I adjusted my time settings on my blog, a new tag line, as well as making a blog logo, that should be appearing pretty soon, if not already, when you view my blog.

This is going to a great day and not just because it is a Friday.  I had a wonderful meeting this morning with my Wingmen Elements group at the Chick-fil-A in Grapevine, and later today I will get to photograph a very unique aircraft.

As I mentioned last night in my blog, I am going to go flying on a BAC-111 aircraft tomorrow morning with a lot of classic airliner enthusiasts which will be a lot of fun and very exciting.  Ever since I was a little kid growing up in Lubbock, TX, I have been excited about airliners.  I can remember back in the “olden days”, as I used to call it, when I’d ask my parents something about the “olden days”, my parents would take me out to the Lubbock airport and I would watch the airliners come in and then depart again.

In those days, Lubbock’s airport was very small and served by only three airlines, Braniff, Continental and Trans-Texas Airways, which then transformed into Texas International Airlines.  Before we had all the extreme security that we have today in airports, you could go out and actually just sit in the terminal and watch the airplanes.  Also, if you were very lucky, you could ask a nice ticket agent if you could go on board the plane and just look inside the plane.  Every now and then, I would get lucky and a nice ticket agent would be so kind to escort me out onto the ramp, this was way before you had jetways in Lubbock, and we would then climb up the portable stairs and I would get a look on-board a Braniff 727 or a Texas International DC-9.  At the time, I’ll always remember, Texas International had a purple and white paint scheme, (this was the late 60’s and early 70’s) and their stewardesses, as they were called back then, wore a purple hot-pants outfit with white go-go boots.  As a young boy, I was always so excited to be able to go on board these planes and just imagine where these planes were flying to, and who was on board those planes.

After I was able to go on board the airlines, from time to time, you could actually call up to the control tower and ask if you could come up for a view and every now and then, a nice FAA employee would come down and get me and I’d get to go up and view the airport from a very nice vantage point for a few minutes.  This is where my love of aviation first started.  It was so fascinating to me to see how these very large aircraft could somehow, someway, manage to defy gravity and leave the ground and then start to fly at amazing speeds and reach the Dallas area, within just one hour of flying time.  I still am amazed by that fact.  There are many times I’ll watch the British Airways Boeing 747-400 aircraft depart from Dallas/Fort Worth Airport and think to myself, “Wow, in eight or nine hours, all of those people on that airplane will be in a totally different part of the world”.  That still just blows my mind away, from time to time.  This is one of the main reasons I guess, that I have always been such a huge airplane buff.

People always ask me, “Why didn’t you become a pilot?” and I guess my main reason was I felt I didn’t have the necessary math and science skills to be a pilot.  I just never thought about becoming a pilot, although I have had the chance to be at the controls of a small, Cessna airplane at one time; and it was quite fun and according to the instructor pilot, I did a pretty good job of controlling the plane.  I still think with all my “ADD” issues, I might forget something from time to time and really mess up a flight, if I were to learn how to become a pilot.  At this point in my life, I think I’ll just let someone else fly the plane, and I’ll enjoy the view.

One thing that I would like to do though, is one day, if at all possible, is to ride in the jump seat of a cockpit of a small, private jet and see what the view is like from the cockpit.  When I look out the windows when I’m flying, my view is sideways, and I’d love to see  a front view, just one time.

In closing this blog today, I feel that since I’ve written so much today about flying and airliners, that I’ll post one of my airliner shots for you to enjoy.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and a great weekend.

Stay tuned to the blog, I’ll be reporting later tonight or tomorrow about the BAC 111 aircraft that we are flying on, tomorrow.

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