18th Blog

Only 182 more blogs before I become relevant in the world of blogging. I truthfully hope I can become relevant before I post 200 blogs. I was told in a recent seminar I attended was it took 200 posts but I’m going the quick route and my goal to be relevant is 100. I am going to be a positive thinker on this subject.

Today was just an incredible day! I had the opportunity and the pleasure of flying on the last passenger BAC-111 aircraft in North America. I was the Official Photographer for this event and it was quite a treat. We flew from Dallas Love Field airport to Amarillo, TX and at around 6000 feet, we flew over and around Palo Duro Canyon which is just south of Amarillo. We were served some very nice champagne on board as well as some nice snacks. It took about an hour to fly out there and then about the same time back to Dallas. As we started to land in Dallas, the captain arranged for a go around so we skimmed the runway and then took off and circled around again before we actually landed. It was a great day & I will post some photos from the trip, tomorrow. I’ve been on an adrenalin rush all day long and now I’m worn out.

Good night


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