26th Blog

I apologize as I haven’t written anything in at least two to three days and I really want to continue to work on my blog to make it better and more relevant for the people who read it.

First thing I would like to say is this, if you are reading my blog, thank you so very much for taking the time to read and view it.  I know your day is extremely busy in this fast-paced world we live in, so thanks again for stopping by and reading my posts.

I had a great week this past week and the highlight of the week was the opportunity to go out and photograph a classic airliner from the World War II era.  I finally got the chance to photograph a DC-3 and it was magnificent!  I have a friend who is a airline mechanic and he started to talk to some people who work on this beautifully restored airliner and told them about me.  My friend arranged for me to meet with the people who were going to fly this aircraft to Washington Dulles Airport for a special, “airplane pull” contest that benefits a charity in the area.  Airplane pools are a lot of fun and give a chance for the airlines to give back to the communities from time to time.

So I went out to the airline’s maintenance hangars and woke up at around 5.00 a.m., to do this.  I met the very nice gentleman who had approved me coming out there to photograph their departure.  As I signed in for the necessary visitors pass, the security people told my escort that I also needed to get approval from a certain level of rank employee from the airline, that would approve me taking a camera out into the maintenance areas.  With it being so early, I really thought my chances were all of a sudden getting shot down to pieces, in a real hurry.  But thankfully, one of the employees who was riding on the DC-3, had this certain employee ranking within the company and I was able to photograph the aircraft.  I also was able to get on board the aircraft as they were preparing it for flight and took some interior shots of the airplane as well.  The people who work on this aircraft all the time told me that the interior was pretty much exactly to standards of what was actually on board the plane, when this aircraft was delivered from the factory in the mid to late 40’s.

After they did a lot of pre-flight work, they towed the aircraft out on the ramp and boarded the plane.  After about 10 minutes of completing their pre-flight checklist, the crew started up the port side (left side) engine first and it kicked up a beautiful smoke as the radial engine began to purr into action.  After about two minutes of tweaking the controls on that engine, they fired up the starboard side (right side) engine and it too, made some beautiful smoke to fill the morning air on the ramp.  The sound of those two engines humming along, as radial engines do, was music to my ears, even though I had ear plugs in my ears!

Once the engines were running at full speed for taxi, the pilot started to taxi the aircraft out on the tarmac and onto the active taxiway and then proceeded to taxi towards the end of the south part of the airport for take-off.  My escort put me along the north end of the tarmac, right next to the runway so I could get some great shots of the DC-3 taking off north, towards Denton Municipal Airport.  They were going up to Denton first, so they could fill up the plane.  Avgas was a lot cheaper at Denton Municipal Airport versus Fort Worth Alliance Airport.  The DC-3 became airborne and I got some great photographs of it as it was flying right past me and my escort.

It was a great time for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment I spent out there.  I thoroughly want to thank all the extremely nice and generous people who made this photo shoot possible for me.  I can’t thank you enough.

Here are a few photos of that special morning, I hope you enjoy them.




Quick 25th blog

I am waiting on my dear friend Annie for lunch as we are getting ready to celebrate the completion of her Doctorial Thesis at Oxford University. I can’t begin to imagine the relief she is feeling right now upon completion of this major project. I am so proud of her for finishing this, as many times she was ready throw in the towel!

Only 175 more blogs to go

The reason for my continued counting of my blogs is to see if a speaker I heard about two months ago is correct in what he told us, during his presentation.  He said that in order to become relevant in the blogging world, you had to have at least 200 blogs.  Doesn’t seem to tough to do, until you actually start doing it.  This is my 25th blog and thankfully, I’ve already got a few comments on my blog from people, and some very helpful comments on how to make my blog even better, have also been shared.  I sincerely thank everyone who has passed a tip on to me, in order to make my blog better, as it truly is a work in progress.

I’ve been rather busy with a lot of work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom, editing the photographs from working with Super Model Lauren Elise, last week, plus working on some aviation shots to present to a prospective client, as well as editing over 440 photographs that I took from the surprise birthday party for a very lovely 90 year young, lady.  I had such a good time there, I think I was there for about five hours, but truthfully, it didn’t seem that long, at all.  We were all having such a good time and it was absolutely wonderful to see all of this wonderful lady’s family come to love on her, and just show her how much she means to all of them.  Family bonds are so important.  This is a very loving family and you can just tell that everyone loves one another a lot, in this family.

Tomorrow I’m going to have the opportunity to go out to Dallas Love Field and photograph the BAC 1-11 aircraft that I recently flew on.  It has been gone on a two-week two to parts unknown and it will be returning to it’s home, tomorrow night.  I’m looking forward to photographing it again, it is such a beautiful aircraft and I am so fortunate that I was able to ride in it, about three weeks ago.

After I photograph this aircraft, I am going to start doing some work with this company, where I will soon photograph all of their aircraft and I’m really excited about this project.

Wanted to post a couple of the new photos I retouched and enhanced from last week’s session with Lauren Elise.  Hope you enjoy them.

Have a great day and tell someone how much they mean to you.  Lift up each other’s spirits.


24th Blog

Had a great day today as I was hired to photograph a surprise birthday party for a very lovely 90 years young, lady.

What a joy to be around someone who has experienced so much in her life! I am friends with this lady’s granddaughter and the family hired me to photograph this wonderful occasion today. So we had people all the way from 90 years down to four years young and every age in between.

It was just so nice to see how much everyone loved this very special lady and how much she meant to all of them.

The funniest thing about the party I thought, was the way the family surprised her to get her over to the house where the party was. The family told her that one of the granddaughters was hosting a jewelry party at the granddaughter’s home. The grandmother told them that she has plenty of jewelry and didn’t need to buy any more! How funny!

It really was a great party for a very wonderful lady and I was glad to be a part if it.

Really not looking forward to tomorrow as it will be the 10th anniversary of the tragic events of 9-11. Please remember the fallen heroes and their families and friends on such an important and historic event of our country.

We will never forget!

What a joy top

22nd blog

I just wanted to get a few words in tonight before heading to bed about what a great day I had today.

Last week, I was in a Barnes and Noble store and a very attractive young lady asked one of the employees if they carry two specific magazines. I over heard the young lady mention the two magazine names. From that, I thought to myself, this young lady is a model or involved in the fashion industry. So I ask her if she is a model and she says that she is. I give her my card and tell her to give me a call if she would be interested in modeling for me and she thanked me for giving her my card. I truly thought that would be the end of if and that she wouldn’t call me but I at least had to ask her to call me.

Well guess what? She sent me a text and said she would love to work with me and she really needed some new head shots.

We shoot today and we now have over 700 images to go through!

I am so happy about working with such a lovely young lady, and can’t wait to work with her again, very soon.

I’ll post some photos of her tomorrow morning if I have some time.

She is a beauty!

Blog Number 21

I was very busy yesterday and didn’t get to add anything to my blog, and it seemed weird to not add something every day.

I am really putting for the effort to blog everyday so that hopefully, I can become relevant in this big blog world.  This week has just blown or flown by so fast, and either one of those words would be correct.

Today I went to my networking group, My Success Group DFW and I am always so thankful to be a member of this excellent networking group.  I’ve only been a full time member since about June and it is so wonderful to be in such a great group.  Every week we meet on Thursday morning from 8.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m. and we get out at 10.00 a.m. SHARP, no matter what.

It was sort of a joyous and sad day at the meeting, all at the same time, as we say good bye to one of our dear friends, Tiffanie.  I have only known Tiffanie for about two months, but she is one of the nicest, kindest and dearest, Christian ladies you will EVER meet.  Tiffanie just got a new job in a totally different industry than what she has previously been doing, but she is so thrilled to be going to a new job.  This new job is the same type of industry that she used to work in about six or eight years ago, and it was truly amazing the way God opened the doors up, for this new job.

I’m not going to go into great detail about it, but the story she told about how she found out about the job, and then the interview she had about the job was just such a refreshing story to hear.  As I told her when I first met her, and this was someone else’s saying, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”, and this represents Tiffanie’s entire personality.  She truly cares about people and it is so evident in the way she treats people.  Just an amazing woman.

I also had lunch today with another dear friend of mine named Annie, and she is working on her PhD in Art History from Oxford University.  She was sort of in the dumps today and has mentioned to me that she has hit a wall, more or less with her writing.  I am no writer (I’m a talker !!) by any stretch of the imagination, but I told Annie I thought it was important to write what you feel, and then go back and edit it.  She had told me that she was writing one or two sentences and then going back to edit it and this doing this over and over again, which lead her to coming up against the wall.  I also suggested she have a glass of wine before she started writing, but ONLY ONE glass !!  She got a good laugh out of that rule, but she thought that might be a good suggestion.  Later on today, I had a wonderful tag from her on my Facebook page and she said she had a wonderful lunch with me and that just made me feel very happy inside and I was glad I was able to help her, no matter how little help, I was.

It is always a joy to help one another.

Gotta go for now, I have an early alarm clock staring me in the face.

Good night and I hope you have a great day tomorrow!