24th Blog

Had a great day today as I was hired to photograph a surprise birthday party for a very lovely 90 years young, lady.

What a joy to be around someone who has experienced so much in her life! I am friends with this lady’s granddaughter and the family hired me to photograph this wonderful occasion today. So we had people all the way from 90 years down to four years young and every age in between.

It was just so nice to see how much everyone loved this very special lady and how much she meant to all of them.

The funniest thing about the party I thought, was the way the family surprised her to get her over to the house where the party was. The family told her that one of the granddaughters was hosting a jewelry party at the granddaughter’s home. The grandmother told them that she has plenty of jewelry and didn’t need to buy any more! How funny!

It really was a great party for a very wonderful lady and I was glad to be a part if it.

Really not looking forward to tomorrow as it will be the 10th anniversary of the tragic events of 9-11. Please remember the fallen heroes and their families and friends on such an important and historic event of our country.

We will never forget!

What a joy top

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