28th Blog

It has been a long time since I’ve written anything on my blog and truthfully, I don’t know why. I have had lots of stuff going on and should be writing about it on my blog.

Went down to Austin last weekend to help a friend of mine photograph a couple of Pop Warner football games as she had never shoot any sporting events. It was a lot of fun but the thing that sticks in my mind so vividly from shooting these games is the screaming parents. They are shouting to their kids to play harder, cover your man better, don’t let the other kid on the other team beat you, etc! What happened to just letting kids have fun playing a game? These are 8 to 12 year olds playing a GAME!! These parents will ruin it for many of their kids and they will quit playing a GAME!!

Okay, I will now get off of my soap box and finish this blog.

Also while I was down in Austin, I had the wonderful opportunity to work witha model named, Haley Elise. Got some excellent photos of her and I will post some of her on my next blog.

Going to be a great weekend, the weather is gorgeous outside, the Fort Worth Air Show is in town this weekend plus I’ve got a Senior Portrait session on Saturday and a Family Portrait session on Sunday.

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