30th blog – 170 to go

It has been an extremely long time since I wrote on my blog and truthfully, there isn’t any reason for the long gap.  It isn’t like I haven’t had some time to write, and I don’t know exactly why I haven’t written anything, I just haven’t.

I’ve been in a really funky mood lately due to some personal things going on in my life and I just wish I could get them resolved.  Truthfully, I think the only way they will be resolved is with time and prayer.  I guess I’m also somewhat anxious about the upcoming holiday season.  That always seems to put stress on everyone and people seem to be a little more tense during this time period.  It is also a time when a number of people go through some severe depression as they are away from their family and loved ones, or possibly they just truly don’t have any family, loved ones or close friends to share this season with and that makes me sad.

One thing that REALLY irks me about the holiday season is that many retailers have already started their preparations for Christmas and yet we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving yet.  That REALLY bugs me !!  Thanksgiving is an IMPORTANT American holiday and we need to take the time to celebrate it and honor the traditions of this special holiday.  I know there are many times during the year where I get depressed and feel sorry for myself and think I have it so bad, yet I know that I am probably more fortunate than 95 % of the world by being born in America.  Yes, our country has its problems, what country doesn’t?  Yet if American still weren’t the greatest country in the world, why would so many people from around the world want to come here, either legally or illegally?  God has blessed our country beyond measure, yet we can’t take time out of our lives to take the time to THANK God for all that He has given us as Americans?  I just really find that sad.  I do think I’ve heard that Target (I could be mistaken) or some other large chain, (I doubt that it is Wal-Mart !!) has said they will not put up any Christmas stuff until after Thanksgiving.  If it is Target, I certainly salute them and their actions.

I am getting excited about next week, as I am driving down to Austin to photograph a wedding of a friend of mine, next Saturday, and then I will spend the next week with my sister and her family and celebrate Thanksgiving with them.

In closing, I had the opportunity last week to photograph a Gulfstream G-IV corporate aircraft and wanted to post a few photos.  I’m not very pleased with the photographs and I have a LOT to learn about photographing interiors.  Thankfully, I will get another opportunity to photograph this plane in the near future.

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