47th Post

Had a nice weekend, and it sure seems sad to see it end so quickly.

I went and changed out our accounts for our iPhones from at&t to Sprint, because it would save us approximately over $84 a month.  That adds up to a very hefty savings for our budget and the Davis Mansion.  ha ha ha !!

So it took over an hour to change over from one provider to the other, but we (my wife and I) have the new iPhone 4s and I’m now spending another couple of hours to transfer everything over from my old iPhone to the new one.  The old one was a 3G model and my model was about to die, so I’m really pleased with the new phones.  Just wish it didn’t have to take so long to transfer all my songs, games and apps over to the new phone.

I’ve also VERY anxious to try out the new Siri feature on the iPhone.  I think I’ll be using that service a lot.  In fact, I already used it while I was in the Sprint story to remind me of an upcoming birthday for a friend of mine.  I ALWAYS forget my friend’s birthday in May and I feel bad about it; fortunately for me, just as the new iPhone was getting set up, she texted me.  So I immediately went into Siri and had a reminder put in place for me.  I’m sure there will be a ton of things I can get Siri to do for me, I’m really excited about that.

Looking forward to a good work week, I tentatively have a aircraft shoot for Tuesday, it will be a Canadair Challenger 604 model, a little bit larger jet than I’ve photographed the past couple of sessions, so I am thankful about that.  The larger the plane, the more room I have to move around in it.  And I’m a big guy.  I just hope it doesn’t rain that day.  It only shows a 30% chance of rain, so I hope the “weather guessers” get that one right.  Not a lot of fun to photograph a jet out on a wet ramp.

It is my wish that all of you that read my blog have a GREAT day today and I hope you have a WONDERFUL week, as well.


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