Day 12

I think this is my 12 day of blogging, but not 100% sure.

I just wanted to upload one photograph today.  I recently was viewing someone else’s photography blog, and they live down in Sugar Land, TX and they are a very serious “amateur” (that’s what they said, not me!!) photographer.

A photograph of a beautiful Texas sky was what was shown and I have something similar, but I photographed this in Red River, NM recently.  It still was a very beautiful photograph, I thought, and I hope you enjoy it.


Day Nine of my blog

The learning continues on my blog.  I made a page of my recent trip to New Mexico, along with the photos and I just really didn’t like the looks of it.  So I posted to a form on WordPress about how could I fix the problems I was encountering and a very nice moderator helped me out.

So, with that being said, I am going to try and add a few photographs from my post today, and not make a specific page for all of my photography subjects.  I ask you to please bear with me, as I learn more and more about WordPress.

Here are some hummingbird photographs and I am going to try and categorize them, as well.  I hope it works.